António Horta Osório

  • Presidente Executivo - Lloyds Banking Group - Reino Unido
  • Data de nascimento: 1964 Portugal
  • Casado
  • Filhos: 3
  • Anual: 7 222 020,00 €
  • Mensal: 601 835,00 €
  • Semanal: 138 885,00 €
  • Diariamente: 27 777,00 €
António Horta Osório

Reuters May 2019: Horta-Osorio had a 2018 pay package worth £6.3 million. Guardian April 2016: Lloyds Banking Group has handed its chief executive an £8.5m pay deal – despite reporting a 7% fall in profits. Horta-Osório’s £8.5m included an £800,000 bonus in shares, which he will only receive if the government sells off the rest of its stake or the shares remain above the taxpayer break-even price for 126 consecutive days. The Portuguese banker, is also being handed a 6% rise in salary, taking it to £1.12m, while staff are getting 2%. He said the rise – part of which he was taking in shares – should be seen in the context of a 13% rise in salaries since he had taken charge. He was also handed shares worth £3.6m in a long-term incentive plan, which could pay out in three years’ time.


Update: 2019-4